What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

Continue the great "person to person" communication that truly makes SERVPRO stand out.  Thank you to all of you for being such thoughtful professionals and decent and kind people.  Thank you for passing it on.  We will pass it on also, for you and because of you. 

Dear Joel, 

Thank you so very much for your outstanding service after my house fire.  I certainly appreciated all the trips you made here to remove the furniture and items out of the house!  That gave me peace.  The furniture has been restored beautifully.  Your employees, Tony, Hope, Dee, and Juanita were valuable helpers in setting my kitchen back in order.  Tony has been very helpful in returning here to pick up the many empty boxes.  Again, thank you for your kindness and professionalism.  I will always be grateful to you and SERVPRO.  I will let my insurance company know about your excellent work. 

Thank you!

The SERVPRO team turned a traumatic experience into a manageable experience.  I will be forever grateful to the SERVPRO team. 

Handled everything professionally and customer oriented.

I can't thank SERVPRO enough for their service. In a time where my family was going through a surmountable amount of stress; they gathered as a team and took care of our personal items with love and care.

To the entire staff, we would just like to say thank you and please know we appreciated all you did!

Jason and helpers did a good job and Jason informed me every step of the way. 

Jason and helpers did a good job and Jason informed me every step of the way. 

Excellent job! 

Most definitely a great team.  Efficient and thorough!